La sustentabilidad en la yaca

Sustainability in the jackfruit

Taking care of tropical ecosystems.

Since the jackfruit is a fruit that comes from a tree, hundreds of them have been planted to obtain it, and this has contributed to improving air quality by generating oxygen. Just like an ecosystem is generated in which different species coexist.

Another advantage of fruit trees is that they absorb carbon dioxide, this is extremely important since CO2 is the second greenhouse gas that causes global warming.

Also, they help to regulate the temperature and are of the utmost importance in the water cycle, as well as to prevent flooding, since they absorb rainwater that has contaminants and dampen soil erosion.

We are committed to caring for the environment and we make sure to bring you a product that contributes to the conservation of species and the protection of animals. Every year 53 billion farm animals die for human consumption and at the same time 150 species of wild animals go extinct every day.

Because cattle ranching is the main cause of deforestation, it is the activity with the greatest impact on the environment. This represents almost 30% of the habitable terrestrial surface according to the FAO, and 70% of the agricultural soils are destined to the production of pastures for cattle.

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